What is ‘cognition nutrition’? It could change the way you eat forever

When Farren Morgan signed up to life in the military he was on the cusp of his thirties. Surrounded by other new recruits to the army, he realised he needed to overhaul his diet to remain at his physical peak. Not only did he want to build the strongest body he possibly could, but he knew he’d need to keep mentally sharp too. He started researching the best foods to eat to protect the brain and help it reach optimum functioning – the so-called “cognition nutrition” diet.

Increasingly popular among men, cognition nutrition is touted by dietitians as a food trend set to dominate the next decade. As we are living longer, protecting the brain is becoming just as important as finessing the body, and what we eat matters.

The diet, loosely based on a low carbohydrate version of the Mediterranean plate, introduces particular foods and ingredients to boost mental function and alertness.

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