Menopause nutrition: how to eat to ease – and prevent – symptoms

Menopause nutrition – probably not top on your list of things to figure out this week if you haven’t yet reached that stage of life, but you may be surprised at how high-priority – even for the spring chickens among us – it actually is.

It’s easy to think of menopause – and even perimenopause – as distant, something to worry about down the line, but the sooner you make the dietary tweaks needed (which, by the way, are the opposite of deprivation) the better. ‘Ideally, I want women to make sure they’re well prepped in advance, rather than waiting until their symptoms are impacting their wellbeing,’ says Emma Barwell, registered nutritionist and co-author of The Perimenopause Solution: Take Control of Your Hormones Before They Take Control of You (Vermillion, £14.99). ‘Forewarned is definitely forearmed.’

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