Will Acupuncture Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

The use of acupuncture has significantly increased over the past decade in women and couples with infertility who are trying to improve their chances for pregnancy. Some pursue acupuncture to relieve the anxiety, frustration, and stress related to infertility, yet many questions remain about whether and how acupuncture may improve fertility.

Can acupuncture help to increase fertility?

There have been conflicting results with studies that have shown increased pregnancy rates, while others have not. Despite a lack of consensus, many women have conceived on their own or during fertility treatments while undergoing acupuncture.

When is acupuncture usually started for fertility concerns?

This varies. Acupuncture may be started when a woman begins trying to conceive, immediately before beginning fertility treatments or after several unsuccessful months/years of trying on their own or with fertility treatments, or during the first several weeks of pregnancy.

If pregnancy does happen after acupuncture is started, is this treatment continued?

Many will continue acupuncture treatments to support their pregnancy and the overall well-being of the mother.

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