Can Acupuncture Really Mend A Broken Heart Faster?

When a relationship ends and your heart breaks, you try to find a way back to a place where you can just feel normal again. But then negative thoughts and emotions take hold, looping over and over again in your head.

Can acupuncture really mend a broken heart?

Proponents of acupuncture say yes! Acupuncture can mend a broken heart. It is, after all, a 3,000-years old healing practice used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In case you didn’t know, it does involve inserting needles at certain locations of the body, commonly referred to as acupuncture points or acupoints. But don’t worry, it won’t cause you more pain. It’s actually quite relaxing.

More natural remedies to heal your broken heart

Sadness, depression, anger, loss, and loneliness can stem from heartbreak. But, the right herbs and essential oils can help heal your heart and lift your spirit.

Hawthorn extract for a more resilient heart

Hawthorn is an all-around heart tonic. It strengthens and tones the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol levels and helps manage blood pressure. When it comes to dealing with emotions, a stronger more resilient heart may help you rebound from heartbreak better.

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