The Crackdown On Alternative Health Remedies

Washington – Many alternative health treatments come from unregulated industries. Not only are many ineffective, some can cause considerable harm. This area has become a focal point in the U.S.

Central to the FDA campaign is a draft proposal for regulating homeopathic medicines. These are the types of medicines that are clinically unproven, which are on the edge of pharmaceutical products, but which are presented as ‘legitimate medicines.’ Here remedies are put on drugstore shelves alongside licensed medications.

The FDA will focus on those products deemed, by assessment, to carry the most significant risks to the elderly and to young children. Also included in the first tranche are those medications presented as ‘curing’ serious diseases. In its review, Pharmaceutical Processing reports, the FDA does not intend to target health remedies considered to be low risk.

According to FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb: “People may be putting their trust and money in therapies that bring little or no benefit in combating their ailments, or worse — in products that may cause serious and even irreparable harm.”

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