How To Stay Motivated To Exercise In The Winter

WASHINGTON — It can be tough to motivate yourself to go outside to exercise during the winter months — it’s cold, it gets dark early, and there could be snow or ice on the ground. But Sally Squires, who writes the Lean Plate Club™ blog, has some tips to help keep your winter workout routine going safely.

A variety of studies done throughout the world and in various age groups, from kids to the elderly, show that we tend to be a lot more sedentary in the winter than in the summer. We watch more television, for example. But physical activity is important for maintaining good health, and for things like cognitive function, better sleep, less appetite, etc. There are things that can help keep us active in the winter:

• Have an exercise or workout partner
• Use the right equipment and clothes
• Stay hydrated
• Sign up for a new class or activity

You can also make a commitment or get one of the growing numbers of apps that will pay you — yes, you read that correctly — to work out.

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