Music Makes Hard Workouts Feel Easier, Study Confirms!

If you feel like music gives your workout an extra boost, you’re not alone. Now, researchers at Texas Tech University say they’ve figured out just how much upbeat tunes can increase our tolerance for intense exercise: In a new study, participants who listened to music during a cardiac stress test were able to sweat it out for almost a minute longer than those who didn’t.

The new study, which has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, will be presented this week at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting in Orlando. The authors say their findings put some real data behind what many of us already know: that exercise can make difficult workouts seem easier.

“At least on a small scale, this study provides some evidence that music may help serve as an extra tool to help motivate someone to exercise more—which is critical to heart health,” said lead author Waseem Shami, MD, a cardiology fellow at Texas Tech University Health Sciences, in a press release.

This isn’t the first study to suggest that a sick beat and a catchy tune can improve athletic performance. Some research even suggests that people enjoy high-intensity workouts more when they’re paired with rhythm and melodies. Then again, other experts have noted that there may be a downside to working out with music: Auditory distractions can affect biomechanics, one 2017 study found and might raise your risk of injury.

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