Walking Exercise: Try These Different Variations To Get Fit

A new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has said that people who walk at least 150 minutes per week — or 30 minutes a day five days a week — are about 20 percent less likely to die than inactive adults. Here are some walking variations you can try to be healthy.

Being physically active makes you fit, healthy and cuts down your risk of diseases to help you live longer. Walking, as an exercise, is so simple, requires no equipment, it is free and very easily doable.

Walking is excellent for weight loss, to improve your heart health, to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer. A new study says that walking just 22 minutes a day can help you be healthy. If you are bored of plain walking, here are some walking variations you can try:

Crab walking: This new trend is fast catching up. Crab walking involves sitting down on the floor and placing your palms on the floor behind your butt with your legs apart. Pres your palms and lift yourself off the floor.

Brisk walking: This involves taking 100 steps per minute. Brisk walking can get your heart rate up, help your body to pump more blood, promote weight loss and tone your body.

Lunge walking: For this, you need to take a giant step ahead and then lunge with the other leg taking care that your knee doesn’t extend beyond your toes.

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