Do Skincare Vitamins Really Work, or Are They Just a Fad?

You know that meme about how everything that was punishment in your childhood is now reward as an adult? Going to bed early, eating vegetables, alone time. And, of course, vitamins. I’m not talking about the Flintstones chewables of your childhood, though, but the latest skin-perfecting supplements, which claim to fix your acne, smooth your scars, fade your redness, and more.

A magic little pill? Sounds too good to be true. So as your resident skeptic, I went to the experts to find out, once and for all, if these fancy vitamins really do work wonders on your skin, or if the capsules are just another kitchen-cupboard fad.

Theoretically, that these beauty supplements would offer something you can’t or don’t get in the standard American diet or via a daily multivitamin: skin-boosting ingredients like collagen, alpha lipoic acids, milk thistle extract, and selenium, just to name a few of the hundreds of “obscure” natural ingredients across beauty supplements.

Your skin—and, for that matter, your body—probably doesn’t need them.

“There’s no real evidence that shows a multivitamin or a beauty supplement plays a role in your skin’s health when you’re an otherwise healthy person with no vitamin deficiencies,” says Dr. Gohara, adding that unless you’ve been tested for a deficiency, “they probably won’t do much for you.”

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