Should CBD Supplement a Child’s Vitamin Routine?

With stories of CBD helping children with epileptic seizures, anxiety, trauma, tumors, and other chronic health conditions, a parent may wonder about adding it to their child’s diet.

However, while the CBD boom would have us thinking it’s a panacea for every possible ailment, there’s been a great deal of controversy over giving CBD to children: Schools are threatening to charge children with misdemeanors for possessing it, Child Protective Services is challenging parents’ custody for giving their kids CBD oil, and still other parents have been duped by snake oil retailers masquerading their products as healing solutions.

Some cannabis-friendly medical professionals like Dr. Junella Chin don’t think so unless the child has a health issue that requires CBD as part of the treatment. Dr. Chin, a founder of MedLeafRX, treats patients with extreme cases of intractable epilepsy, seizures resulting from traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injuries, as well as children with cancer and colitis.

Naturopath Dr. Lakisha Jenkins advocates for whole-plant or full-spectrum CBD products, which contain a host of other beneficial phytocannabinoids (the hundreds of naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant). Jenkins considers all phytocannabinoids to have benefited, though she notes that how they affect each symptom through nutritional supplementation depends on the individual.

Jenkins says she doesn’t believe in using isolated CBD unless treating an acute medical symptom. As a naturopath, she also recommends getting our vitamins and minerals from the foods we consume, as opposed to supplements.

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