Boost Your Brain Health Through Exercise – Here are 4 Ways How!

Did you know? Active aging can improve your brain structure and function, and reduce your risk of cognitive decline. Perhaps you’re seeing the troubling first signs of memory issues and confusion, or maybe your family has a history of cognitive decline in older adulthood. If you’re among the many adults seriously concerned about brain health and cognitive function, you’re in luck: Research has proven that physical activity can actually improve brain health.

Here’s how:

1.Start slow. – The idea is to be persistent and challenge yourself to improve over time, remembering that it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition.

2. Find Friends – Having a partner encourages consistency, which turns physical activity into a habit.

3. Mix it Up – Incorporate variety into your program. Your long-term goal should be to create a balanced program that features cardiorespiratory exercise, strength training and stretching.

4. Sneak physical activity into your day. Take the stairs, go for a walk after dinner or during your lunch break, do some gardening or go dancing on the weekends, or walk your kids or grandkids to and from school each day.

US News Today – Health