How Chinese Herbs Can Help with Period Pain, According to an Herbalist

As far as alternative methods for alleviating painful periods go, traditional Chinese medicine is a popular one. You might have already found yourself on an acupuncture table in an attempt to kick your cramps to the curb, but have you ever explored Chinese herbal treatments?

Often used in tandem with acupuncture, Chinese herbs have been used for hundreds of years to treat and remedy many different health-related issues, including improving digestion, increasing energy, decreasing flu and cold symptoms, and helping to reduce stress. Research also suggests Chinese herbal therapy might be beneficial in treating inflammatory diseases.

Of course, popularly, Chinese herbs are also used for decreasing pain and regulating menstruation.

To get the ins and outs of utilising Chinese herbs for period cramps and PMS symptoms, we reached out to Alli Urbanik Kimmel, LAc, MS, an acupuncturist and herbalist at The Yinova Centre in New York City.

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