Here’s why you should be using vitamin C on your skin, according to a dermatologist

You’ve probably heard how vitamin C can benefit your immune system when ingested through fruits, vegetables and sometimes supplements. However, vitamin C can also benefit your skin.

Vitamin C can help improve darks spots, hyperpigmentation and help boost collagen rejuvenation. It can also help repair damage caused by the sun and pollution. However, the best way to get vitamin C’s skin benefits is through a topical skincare product — but not all vitamin C products are created equal.

Dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson explains, “Vitamin C is really unstable, and that means anytime you expose it to light or air, it starts to break down immediately.” So, you’ll want to look for products with ferulic acid or THD ascorbate, which works as a stabilizing agent. Without a stabilizing agent, “it’s vitamin C when you leave the store, it’s not vitamin C when you open the bottle,” Dr. Robinson says.

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