The Nutrition Plan to Lose the Last Few Pounds

People who are trying to lose weight often confront the same problem: They lose enough weight to get close to their goals, and then their progress totally stalls. They wind up stonewalled, five pounds short of their ideal body weight. The solution: A strong weight-loss program.

What Kim Larson, R.D.N., N.B.C.-H.W.C., the founder of Total Health in Seattle, WA, best strategies to finish up the long journey to a leaner body.

Step 1: Get detailed with your measurements.

Make sure you’re measuring your progress regularly. Weighing yourself on a scale is a good start, but it’s also smart to find other ways to measure your body composition (fat vs. muscle content).

Step 2: Self-scout your weight-loss habits with brutal honesty.

Next, take stock of your current calorie intake. “Being accurate and brutally honest is what will reveal the pitfalls,” Larson says.

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